JUST FOR YOU coaching

JUST FOR YOU coaching

Grow in leaps and bounds

Coaching is a powerful tool to help you get clarity about what is holding you back in reaching your goals. You probably know exactly what goes wrong or should go differently. But those insights are not enough to really change your day to day behaviour. Sometimes you only notice certain symptoms and you can feel there is a pattern to them without really fathoming what the coreproblem is. Finding out what the connecting patterns are and getting in touch with the right resources, is central to my style of coaching.
You will make new and different choices. Your conscious and unconscious mind will learn to work together in order to finally and truly implement the new helpful behavior that you need. That’s how you will grow in leaps and bounds in your professional conduct and in your self-esteem. 


Discover what’s behind the symptoms


Explore the connecting pattern


Delve into your resources


Easily reach your goals


Conscious and unconscious mind in sync


Develop your potential

Coaching is alway custom-made

Individual coaching is always tailored to your personal needs. During an intake we will get to know each other and find out if there is enough rapport to start working together. During the intake we will discuss the desired outcome(s) of your coaching. Even if you haven’t got a clear idea of what those outcomes are and what it is you’ll need to do, you’ll notice this will be absolutely clear to you after our first meeting. 

Professional growth

Businesscoaching is short term and will comprise of 6 sessions. A session is 1,5 hours and will take place at my practice in Haarlem. In between sessions you have two to three weeks during which you’ll discover what’s already changed and to practice new options. Your discoveries will be the input for your next session. After the fourth meeting you will already start to notice a remarked difference in how you approach previous problemsituations.

Option: intake employer

If and when needed by your employer, an option is to have an extra intake; a threeway conversation between you, your director/manager and me in order to align expectations of the results of your professional change.

A Horse as your coach

Horses are a loving and relentless mirror. They only need a moment to show you what needs to be changed at the core of you and your world. An equine assisted coachsession can be part of your coaching course.

What clients have said about my coaching

I often felt insecure at work. I dreaded meetings the most. Now I feel calm … firm but also flexible.
My colleagues respect me now. 

(Want to know more about Annexes experiences? Read this Dutch article in FLOW MAGAZINE.)



I rediscovered myself and my roots, with all my talents and possibilities, during the sessions with Kirstin. It gave me so much room to breath that sometimes after a session I felt as if I had grown wings.



Despite the often ‘deep’ sessions, there has never been a moment where I felt uncomfortable. Right after the first session I already had a new outlook on myself and my environment. After the first few sessions my colleagues started noticing my changing (in a positive way!) 

To me it’s now very clear where my responsibilities lie, what my role in certain situations is and also how I can give feedback to certain types of people without hindering myself. It has helped me to attain a self-confident attitude. My worklife has gotten to be a lot more smooth. Thank you Kirstin! 


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